Make sleep matter.

Austria's first circular economy mattress for hotels, with wholesale prices.

Save time, money and CO2

Our award-winning circular economy mattress technology is the first in Austria. It ensures superior comfort for your guests, promotes waste reduction, saves you time and money, and leads to CO² savings compared to conventional mattresses.

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Your Benefits

Superior sleep comfort for guests

MATR® mattresses are made from high-quality, recyclable materials, designed for premium comfort and easy staff management.

Bed management made easy

Cut costs and time with MATR’s service and rental model. And, benefit from our wholesale pricing and take back service.

Powerful Environmental Impact

Align with incoming ESG and sustainability regulations: our mattress solution is built with circular economy principles and reduced CO2, validated through a life cycle analysis.

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5 star hotel comfort without waste

  • 22 cm high steel pocket spring mattress with 3 Vent-tex® comfort layers
  • Handmade with 100% green energy in the EU with European suppliers
  • Available in 3 comfort levels (soft, medium, firm) and in standard, queen and king sizes
  • Washable, removable cover for a permanently fresh mattress
  • Foam-free, no toxic chemicals and suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Certified for excellent ergonomics and air circulation
  • Lightweight design and handles for easier housekeeping, and no need for mattress rotating thanks to our high-quality materials and durability
  • Innovative design with fully recyclable materials, return and reuse guaranteed
  • Includes digital product passport for tracking and suggested cleaning and replacement cycles
  • 5-year warranty, and lifespan of at least 10 years
  • 50% less CO2 achieved completely without compensation through carbon certificates
  • Optional digital guest review and marketing tools

What MATR customers & supporters say

Comfortable sleep with a clear conscience. Love it!

The entire process was a highlight. The website was convincing with the idea, the consultation was informative and sympathetic and the process up to the installation was uncomplicated and quick.

Benedikt Roos, Managing Director Mountain Hotels

With time I slept like a baby. 

I really enjoyed the MATR mattress experience. As a luxury hotel brand that cares about our impact on the planet, we are proud to work with innovative & sustainable solutions like MATR.

Gabriele Lenikus, Creative Director, Lenikus Group

MATR’s solution and quality is very well received by our guests and staff

With their high-quality and recyclable mattresses, they ensure a heavenly sleeping experience here in the Altstadt.

Barbara Barbara Hammerschmid-Kovar, Managing Director, Hotel Altstadt Vienna

A first for the Austrian mattress market!

It is refreshing to see MATR integrate innovative business model elements such as a take-back service, rental options and a fully refurbishable and recyclable product. These are elements I love to see, and which fuel us forward to achieve the transition to a circular economy together.

Karin Huber Heim, CEO, Circular Economy Forum Austria

MATR show that the transition from linear to circular is possible. 

As a global leader in the field of plastic and foam solutions, circularity is a fundamental pillar of Greiner’s sustainability strategy. That’s why Verena and Michaela convinced us as founders right from the start.

Axel Kuhner, CEO, Greiner AG

I slept like an angel!

The mattress, the lighting, the pillows, overall the bed had a very positive impact on my sleep! The atmosphere was amazing..

Guest, Hotel Altstadt & MATR-Sleeper

Our customers, partners and supporters

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