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We make sleep matter for hotels.
Our vision is to be the leading creator of innovative, regenerative sleeping experiences.

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Where It All Began

MATR was founded in 2021 by Verena and Michaela, two impact-driven entrepreneurs passionate about designing out waste from the mattress industry whilst providing a premium sleeping experience for their customers.

It all started when they came across the shocking statistic that 30 million mattresses end up as waste in Europe every year (source: European Commission). This got their curious minds thinking: surely there must be a way to end this huge waste problem? And surely mattresses could be made with no waste in mind? A world without waste. Where materials go back to industry or nature to be reused. Can you imagine such a beautiful, waste-free world? That’s how and why MATR was born.

Today, MATR is a startup based in Vienna with the ambition to take their premium and innovative mattress solution across the European hospitality sector and beyond.


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Meet our founders

Michaela and Verena founded MATR to create a mattress solution that is positive for both people and planet.

Meet Verena
Verena is Chief Dream Officer driving product development at MATR, and has 5+ years experience in executing innovative solutions for startups and corporates. She has a background in international entrepreneurship and SME management, with a degree from WU Vienna. She gets her energy and inspiration in nature, preferably on a mountain peak or on her yoga mat. Connect with Verena on LinkedIn.
Meet Michaela
Michaela, our Chief Impact Officer, focuses on all things sales and marketing at MATR. With a background in international business and entrepreneurship, she has 7+ years experience leading social impact projects for startups and corporates. Everything around social innovation sparks Michaela’s passion while she draws creativity from sports, music and exploring new cultures. Connect with Michaela via LinkedIn.

Our mission is to enable hotels to provide a premium sleep experience for their guests and improve their environmental footprint in an accessible, effortless way.

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With MATR, you and your guests can sleep better knowing you put mattress waste to bed.

The unique life of a MATR mattress.

1. You buy your MATR mattresses.

2. You use your mattresses for 10 years.

3. Once your MATR mattress lives are over, we collect them.

4. We effortlessly take the components apart thanks to our smart mattress design.

5. 99% of our components are then re-entered into the material loop to be fully recycled.

6. Our next goal = new MATR mattresses are born using our recycled materials.

We design out waste. Simple, and authentically, circular.

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The carbon footprint of our mattress is 50% less than conventional mattresses.

Source: Life cycle analysis of our production


Our awards

Rest assured, with excellence. MATR is an award-winning company globally recognised for its innovative, circular economy driven approach.

2023 climate and entrepreneur champions by the Climate Minister for Austria and GEWINN

2022 Oeko Business Wien sustainability award winners

MATR award winning EU travel awards circular economy

2022 Most Innovative Hospitality Sustainability Service

UN WSA Award

2022 United Nations World Summit Awards Austria winners

UN WSA Award

2022 Innovators of the Year Winners in the sustainability category