Make sleep matter for your guests, and for the planet.


We save you time, money and CO2 with our innovative circular economy mattress and service model.

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Provide a premium sleep experience for your guests, and improve your environmental footprint in an accessible, effortless way.


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Together, let’s create sleep experiences that MATR.


What MATR customers are saying

“Comfortable sleep with a clear conscience”

“The entire process was a highlight. The website was convincing with the idea, the consultation was informative and sympathetic and the process up to the installation of the MATR was uncomplicated and quick. And the most important thing of all: comfortable sleep with a clear conscience. Love it!”

Benedikt Roos, Managing Director of Mountain Hotels

“With time, I slept like a baby”

“I really enjoyed the MATR mattress experience. With time, I slept like a baby. And, as a luxury hotel brand that cares about our impact on the planet, we are proud to work with innovative & sustainable solutions like MATR”

Gabriele Lenikus, Creative Director, Lenikus Group

In the Spotlight

MATR is an award-winning startup recognised for its innovative, tech-driven approach and positive climate impact.

Pioneering Circular mattress solution

Global Awards

Press Features

our awards

2021 Global Circular Economy winners in the ClimateLaunchPad Competition

2022 Oeko Business Wien sustainability award winners

MATR award winning EU travel awards circular economy

2022 Most Innovative Hospitality Sustainability Service

UN WSA Award

2022 United Nations World Summit Awards Austria winners

UN WSA Award

2022 Innovators of the Year Winners in the sustainability category

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Why does MATR, matter?

landfill mattress waste

30 million mattresses

end up as waste every year in Europe, equivalent to 20,000 stacked Eiffel towers.

53% of travellers

get annoyed if where they are staying stops them from being sustainable.

Make sleep MATR green

98% of guests

say the mattress is their first priority for their overall comfort and stay satisfaction.

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Sources: European Commission, UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Fraunhofer Institute


Our founders decided it was time to put mattress waste to bed. That’s why MATR was born.

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Our Cradle to Cradle Approach

We design out waste and ‘close the loop’ with our superior solution.

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4.9 star rating from guests.
50% less CO2 per mattress.
Together, let’s end mattress waste.


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